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What Happened at the Capitol?

TW: mentions of violence and suicide

In Current Events Jan 31, 2021

Should Capital Punishment Be Banned?

On July 14, 2020, Daniel Lewis Lee became the first inmate executed by the federal government since 2003. There are currently 52 other inmates on federal death row. 10 federal death r...

By Ishika Jain In Opinion Jan 31, 2021

Today's Youth Are Indeed Privileged, But Isn't That The Point?

This generation, Gen Z, has far too often been condemned for “having it easy” as a result of technology’s presence. Many have heard sentences from “Kids these days don’t know the worl...

By Vishakha Singh In Opinion Dec 30, 2020

The Transfer of Power

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has been officially declared the 46th president of the United States by the Electoral College. After a hectic campaign and after-election events — everythin...

By Barsha Parajuli In Current Events Dec 30, 2020

Teens Take Charge - literally - in the fight for equity in New York City schools

Standing at a booth at the annual New York City (NYC) high school fair for middle schoolers from the Bronx, Nina Worley and a friend were surprised by the amount and type of questions...

By Rachel Lewis In Spotlight Dec 30, 2020

Is High School Grooming Us To Be Readers?

I have always believed that books are better than any other medium of entertainment, be it movies, smartphone, YouTube etc. The reason is simple: only with books can I fall into a rab...

By Vishakha Singh In Opinion Dec 30, 2020

Evolution of Art

Art has been created by people since the Stone Ages, and is enjoyed for many reasons. When new visual ideas are first introduced by an artist, they are often seen as incoherent, and e...

By Deeksha Chitale In Art Dec 30, 2020

Society's Standard of Body Image

“The only person you should try to be better than, is yourself.” Society’s standard for people in this day and age, have them comparing them to each other. Constantly making a person’...

By Sanjana Mittal In Opinion Dec 30, 2020

The Policing System and Its Failure to Address Mental Health

On Sept. 2, 2020, police body camera footage, written reports, and autopsy reports were released regarding the death of a black man named Daniel Prude; he died on Mar. 23, 2020 in Roc...

By Barsha Parajuli In Current Events Oct 31, 2020

Cultural Appropriation in Halloween

For a long time, the topic of cultural appropriation in any way or form has been hotly debated. There is a range of opinions from “Cultural Appropriation doesn’t exist” to “It is blow...

By Vishakha Singh In Opinion Oct 31, 2020