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Paleesa Kapoor Jan 30, 2022 · 2 mins read
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Religion is the practice, belief, and experience of the service and adoration of Gods or a God as expressed in different forms of worship. Everyone’s perception of God is different. However, regardless of where one resides, what religion one practices, or which God one worships, ultimately, God is one. For everyone, God is the same: one who oversees everything and everyone’s actions. Religion and God provides people to decipher between right and wrong. We are encouraged to become better people and stay humble. Rules that have been set for us to follow influences our actions. In religion, particularly the major World Religions, the notion of the “Golden Rule” is followed. Although the “Golden Rule” is written differently in the major Religions, the deeper meaning is still the same. The “Golden Rule’’ is known as the willingness to treat others with respect and fairness, based on the understanding that others are similar to oneself. From a religious standpoint, the Golden Rule is the concept of God’s family practice, and it implies responding to others as siblings. God’s way in Religion as a whole emphasizes on the well-being of others rather than your own. Despite that all religions have different beliefs, treating everyone kindly is encouraged in every religion. All religions want everyone to be a good human and respect everyone. All faiths hold that humans are God’s children, and we have the duty to be peacemakers. The golden rule resonates with all religions because one of the pillars of religion is to be kind to others. All faiths teach that you will be condemned for your sins and rewarded for your good deeds. Religion, itself, does not want to separate people and thus the “Golden Rule” is a consistent moral standard. Much of the rule’s meaning may be put into practice without any religious devotion, because it is a concept that neither invokes God nor particularly identifies with any one religion’s scriptures or beliefs. The rule expresses human kinship, which is the most essential fact underpinning morals. It’s a general morality thing. The “Golden Rule’’ is a core guideline that outlines the most simple and acceptable method for people to respect one another. It is evident from the many examples presented that there is much compassion in society and the environment around us. Since the “Golden Rule” can be used broadly, it can appeal to a broader audience. The “Golden Rule” does not make distinctions based on qualities or attributes, and showcases love that provides without expecting anything in return. The “Golden Rule” implies that respect is a global standard. The “Golden Rule” is a universal practice that can resonate with people in a religious way and a non-religious way. Virtually, all faiths/religions can endorse the “Golden Rule”. The rule allows us to deeply feel equity with fellow human beings. This translates this equity into a behavioral rule. The rule is easy to remember and understand, in general. It is a simple concept, however, it is rich. The rule is not naive or trivial. It applies to a wide range of cases and accommodates complex situations.

Written by Paleesa Kapoor
Paleesa (she/her) is a 16 year old from Ontario Canada. She loves to draw, listen to music and watch netflix. Paleesa also enjoys reading and creating various art pieces. She joined We Need To Talk because she believes that it is important for people to express their opinions.